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The Road so Far..

The idea for our Overdose Awareness Event started as a class project, a mock up. However, we saw a need and didn't want to wait around.

I think everyone who had ever known Derrek lost a little of themselves the day he passed. He was so much more loved than he knew.

It's the same for anyone who is taken because of overdose, because we fight so hard for them when they're in active addiction. We as their support, see them battle for sobriety and for some the battle is just too much.

We want the foundation that will come out of this to be added support, to be the calvary for those battles not yet lost.

Our pillars are to Educate, Advocate, and Promote.

We want to Educate our community about what addiction is and how affects the whole individual.

We will Advocate for those who are unable to and we will Promote the resources already here in Nebraska so that we can expand the help available to people in active addiction.

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